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Candace Presser is not only the best therapist I’ve ever had, but she is the most caring and heartfelt therapist I’ve ever had. Her easy-going personality and her love for life is contagious. The past couple years of working with Candace I’ve been given so many tools to navigate my way through the most difficult times. The biggest tool Candace has taught me and that I use everyday is self-care. Putting myself first is something I used to struggle with and finding love and consideration for myself was not something I could have done on my own. I look forward to seeing her every week!


Candace Presser is hands down the best therapist I have ever worked with. I started seeing her about a year ago when I realized I was losing the battle against my depression and anxiety and needed support. Through our sessions together, Candace has helped me develop the coping skills I need to weather the storm and see the sunshine on the other side.

As for her approach to therapy, Candace is non-clinical in the sense that I feel more like I’m talking with a close friend rather than a mental healthcare professional. I feel completely at ease in her office, and whenever I have a problem that needs solving, I always know that Candace and I will figure it out together. She is compassionate, open, and smart.

Today, I see the work I have done with Candace fully manifesting itself in my daily life. I am stronger, happier, and more self assured than I have ever been before. Candace once told me that we’re not just supposed to only survive. We are meant to thrive. With her at my side, I know I will do just that.
I consider Candace more than my therapist… She is my friend.

Candace Presser is a dedicated and caring therapist who has helped our son through a very difficult and dangerous time of his life.  While she is caring and understanding, she found a way to challenge our son to address his issues and taught him skills to manage them.  Candace has been a major factor in him becoming a mature, honest and confident 21 year old.  She clearly understands the complicated issues that affect young adults suffering from depression and substance abuse and is not afraid to firmly guide her patients towards a healthier, happier and more productive life style.  We are very thankful for her continued dedication to helping our son and her unique ability to truly understand him and the issues he has to confront.  Her caring and thoughtful approach makes Candace a very special person and a fantastic therapist.

— Vicki & Alan

Since I was diagnosed in eighth grade, my depression defined who I was. It didn’t matter what I was involved in, the grades I earned, the athletic accolades I achieved, or the bountiless love constantly given to me by my family and friends. For six years, I was consistently seeing new therapists and taking several cocktails of anti-depressants, but nothing seemed to help for too long. Eventually I personally prescribed remedies for my depression which inevitably led me to a treatment center in California and in Candace’s office. It’s been almost two years and I now work at a rehab attempting to instill the hope in my fellows that Candace saw in me. My work with Candace has been paramount in my recovery and growth. With her help, I have come to realize that I am not defined by my depression and addiction and my prevail over them has given me a purpose in life. I can only hope and strive to help others as she has helped me.

— Greg

As a 21 year old who was 70 days sober off of drugs and alcohol, I was not thrilled about the idea of therapy.  I had been in and out of therapy since I was 15 and not once did I take it seriously.  I had the “Me vs Them” mentality and it always felt like therapy was a punishment (forced by parents).  It wasn’t until I had to ask my parents to send me to rehab that I started to fully understand the actual benefit of therapy.

After an initial wilderness program, I was admitted to a treatment program in Southern California  and Candace Presser was my therapist.  At this point in my life there was nothing to hide.  Candace made it incredibly easy to be completely honest about my addiction.  She was very reassuring in that the relationship was solely about me and her working together so that I could recover from my wreckage.

Over time, sessions with her became a joy, and she knew the true me better than anyone.  If there was ever anything wrong, she knew exactly how to approach me so that I could get whatever was bothering me out. After over two years of therapy with Candace, I have grown a tremendous amount.

Candace brought a vibe to sessions that feels like I’m talking to a best friend, while at the same time providing the professional clinical knowledge and wisdom that one would expect from the highest level of therapist.

I wouldn’t take back a second of our time together and I feel so blessed that I was able to work with her.

— Will

Hands down the best therapist I’ve ever had.  The only person I’ve truly been able to be completely honest with.  I get excited for my weekly sessions with her.

— Jared

Words can never express the gratitude that we feel for Candace and all that she has helped us accomplish in not only learning to deal with the disease of alcoholism, but how it has affected our family and relationships

She is perceptive and insightful, giving her the ability to “cut through” quickly to the heart of matters, enabling us to get a clearer picture of situations and how to handle them in an appropriate manner.

As a parent it is often so difficult to know what to do or how much to do for a loved one without being co-dependent.  Candace has been able to quickly assess our family dynamics, leading us to being better able to cope and understand what are our roles and responsibilities.

Our daughter has seen many therapists in her life, none of whom she was able to establish a relationship, being open and honest.  Candace quickly gained her trust and respect, allowing her to begin the hard work necessary to get on the road to recovery.

Improving our family communication skills … becoming more able to talk about our feelings, expressing our wants and needs … learning to listen to each other and being respectful  …while at the same time … going through the process of detaching with love and setting boundaries … these are some of the steps that Candace has been leading us through as we go through this process of recovery with our daughter and our family.

— Cheryl & Charles